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kelpie ([personal profile] kelpie) wrote2009-05-01 03:17 am

It's done!

I finished it.

I wrote over 8000 words just this night, drank coffee at 11pm, probably produced hundreds of typos, but now it's done!

138 612 words - 25 chapters - written between November 1 2008 and May 1 2009.

*is dead*

(nice timing, I started the novel on Halloween and finished on Walpurgisnacht/Beltane)

Last sentence (very fitting):

"In der wirklichen Welt haben Geschichten kein Ende. Aber manchmal kann man eines erfinden."

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and for good measure, again: ♥ !!! Great last sentence, btw :)
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Guck mal, es gibt ne NaNo comm auf DW: [community profile] nano_writers :) Werd heut Abend dann online sein und entweder plotten oder irgendwelches wirres Zeug ├╝ber Vergil schreiben XD Oder request drabbles (see most recent post).