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I'm still not sure if I'll move here for good - so far I've decided to keep LJ as my main journal (I've used this journal for five years, I can't just abandon it, despite all the enthusiasm and the shinyness of dreamwidth), but I might use DW for my more fandom-related entries.

From what I've seen on my f-list, drama has already started - let's just hope that the gap between LJ and DW users won't too much widen in the future...

By the way: I don't know if I'm just stupid, but Dreamwidth still fails to import entries and comments from my LJ *sighs*
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I'm actually very much in favour of centralizing my comments on DW, but then again, you know me, I'm always over-eager for change. I will continue to crosspost at any rate, though (the first version of a sort of automatic crossposting tool to LJ is live now, I'll have to try it out later; edit works perfectly. *ded of awesomeness*).

It's Teh Internetz, there always must be drama *lol*

As for the import, when have you filed it? It took a day for my entries to reach DW and the comments took a little longer. I imagine the people must be insanely busy these days with open beta coming up. Crossing my fingers, though ^^
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I've imported my posts and comments earlier today and it took about twenty minutes from start to finish. That's ~1000 posts and ~10.000 comments, so I'm kinda amazed that it worked so fast, especially given how many people are currently importing.

Have you tried this post? Maybe it's one of those bugs. (For the record, I changed my security setting via LJ's mass editing tool and the importing worked just fine, but that could be a reason why yours didn't.)